Who We Are
We have been investing in real estate since 2009. We have purchased, renovated, rented, and either sold or continue to own over 50 homes throughout New Hampshire.

Troy Zsofka, President:

Troy was born and raised in New Hampshire. He quit his banking career in 2009 because he couldn’t stand the greed, deception, and lack of honesty in the banking industry in general, and the company he worked for more specifically. He joined forces with his father who had been in real estate for decades prior, and together they continued to build the family business. In 2013, Troy lost his father, mentor, and business partner to an early passing at just 69 years old, and he took over the business, continuing its long tradition of serving New Hampshire communities with real estate solutions rooted in ethics and integrity. He continues to carry forward the standards and principles that his father pounded into him in no uncertain terms, seeking to find joint gain and mutual benefit in every opportunity.

Jessica Warren: Transaction Coordinator:
Jess is an integral part of the company and makes sure everything gets done and stays on track. As our Transaction Coordinator, she works with our clients and strategic partners to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible. She also fills the lead role for our website, Facebook page, and other online resources. Jess is the glue that holds the systems together and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Why We Buy Direct From Property Owners
For many years, we purchased houses from banks, towns, and government entities (like HUD and Fannie Mae). In 2018, we decided to drastically change how we find properties to purchase. Banks ALWAYS win; even when their greed causes problems for everyone else, like it did in 2008 when they caused the Global Economic Crisis and Great Recession and were responsible for millions of Americans losing their homes while the bank executives got rich off of bonuses and taxpayer-funded bailouts. Banks have been bailed out enough, and we’re tired of helping them by paying cash for their distressed properties; many of which they have taken from American homeowners through foreclosure.
So, we decided that it was time to pay cash for houses to our fellow citizens instead. We always took pride in renovating distressed properties and providing safe, clean, and beautiful homes to individuals and families throughout New Hampshire. It feels good to improve a neighborhood and give our tenants or buyers a fantastic place to live. However, we realized that we could continue to do this while also serving our community in a new way. By buying houses directly from sellers, we can create solutions for our fellow citizens at the front end in the form of cash, as well as continue to serve our communities in the back end with the improvements we make and the homes we provide. Furthermore, our sellers get more cash because there are no real estate commissions to pay.
Helping people, not banks… now that’s a no-brainer.

Our Philosophy
At Patriot Home Buyers, we value the principles of transparency, ethics, and integrity, first and foremost.
This means that when we tell someone that we’re going to do something, we follow through. When we say that we buy houses with our own cash, that’s exactly what we mean, and that’s exactly what we do. We don’t lock up a seller under contract and then assign it last-minute to another investor, weaseling out of the contract in the 11th hour if we can’t find an end-buyer, leaving the homeowner with nothing but a difficult situation made even more difficult by the time they wasted in a contract that fell apart.
Another key principle that we embrace is the need for every business transaction to benefit all parties involved. We have a positive-sum game mentality, rooted in the belief that additional value can be created by working together. We reject the notion of the zero-sum game where one person can win only by taking something away from the other person. We have built our business around the philosophy of “joint gain”, where we work together to find a solution that benefits everyone involved. “We work together, we win together”.
The fact remains that business with integrity is the only viable strategy over the long-term. Scammers come and go, but individuals and organizations who provide real value to their customers and communities are the ones who achieve lasting success.